Twelve's algorithm

How to use Twelve’s algorithm to analyse players

During the World Cup we are making our analysis tool available, so you can better understand how your team is playing. Andrew will be doing a daily round-up of the action using Twelve and we will have guest writers from various nations blogging about their teams. Ever wondered how our system works? Let me explain how to use Twelve’s algorithm to analyse players.

I made a short video explaining how to use Twelve ‘player ranking’ analytics, taking England as an example.

We want you to play about and learn things yourself. And this video should give you everything you need to know. Start using the player evaluation system today and get sharing on Facebook, Twitter and maybe in a blog post.

If you find out something interesting using the analytics tool and would like to share it on the Twelve blog, the person to contact is Andrew ( Tell him your idea, link to your previous writing and he’ll tell you if it works for us. We pay all our blog writers, because we think it is fair to reward to reward the fans who take the time to help us develop.

Our Mission 

Football is more than the individual player’s skill. It is more than the tactics developed by the the manager. It is more than the passion of the fans. How a team plays together is more than the sum of all these parts.

At Twelve we analyse the game using numbers. But we don’t claim to have a single number that explains everything. We use statistics, machine learning, visualisations and artificial intelligence to understand everything that happens on the pitch.

We are developing the most sophisticated algorithm for measuring performance in football.

We are

Marcus Lådö (CEO)

David Sumpter (Soccermatician)

Lars Ekman (Head Developer)

Johanna Pelling (Community Manager)

Andrew Beasley (World Cup Editor)

Kristian Icho (Social Media Design)

Emri Dolev (Football Data Scientist)

Sebastian Cardoch (Chatbot Specialist)

Have you downloaded our free app on Android or iOS yet? You can use it to see what Twelve’s algorithm makes of your team’s performance!