Premier League Fantasy Football Picks: Week Eight

In last week’s article, I mentioned that we had yet to win a cash prize on Draft Kings. The gods of fantasy football must’ve taken pity on me, because our barren run is now over. Check this out.

Premier League Fantasy Football Picks: Week Eight

Half a buck! The drinks (glasses of tap water) are on me! Jokes aside, as it was only $0.25 to enter this particular contest, that’s a pretty good return on investment, wouldn’t you say? Let’s see who Twelve’s algorithm has selected for week eight.

We’ve got six matches from which to select our team this week, so here’s which clubs are included.

Premier League Fantasy Football Picks: Week Eight

The leader board for these teams is here, but as we know we can’t simply pick the top eight players from the list. Here’s who we’ve gone for.

The top two available performers are both defenders: Harry Maguire and James Tarkwoski. Both are relatively cheap too, so free up budget for the glamorous end of the team. Maguire was our top points scorer in last week’s game, and as he’s up against an Everton side who have conceded the joint-most set piece goals this season, he might score again.

The next two on our leader board look like very obvious selections. Both Harry Kane and Paul Pogba are playing at home against teams currently in the bottom three (Cardiff and Newcastle respectively). They’re in.

As is Callum Wilson. The Cherries’ front man is sixth in the Premier League for expected goals this season. He’s also the second top ranked striker according to our algorithm (though of course those two facts are somewhat linked).

A pair of Wolves are fifth and sixth on the leader board. Ruben Neves and Willy Boly have performed well this season, so deserve a shot in the team. They’re at Selhurst Park on Saturday, where Crystal Palace have yet to score in 2018/19, so have a good chance to do well.

Our goalkeeper is the last pick as usual. Twelve’s algorithm tends to underrate keepers (as we readily admit), so I ran the top three for value through the statsometer and Joe Hart came out on top. Huddersfield look unlikely to trouble Burnley too much, meaning there’s a definite opportunity for a clean sheet there. Welcome aboard, Joe.

Here’s our team for week eight. I’ve spent $1 on entering this week, so enormous potential riches presumably await me.

Premier League Fantasy Football Picks: Week Eight

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