Premier League Team of Week 3: Harry Maguire’s Game

Harry Maguire Premier League Team Of The Week

James Tarkwoski and Paul Pogba were both in our teams of weeks one and two, but did either or both of them make it a hat-trick? One thing is for sure, there were a lot of excellent performances by centre-backs this week, so we’ve naturally switched to a back three to accommodate them. Oh, and if you want to share a dashboard, click on the player’s name in the text above it, and it’ll take you straight there. On with the show…

Goalkeeper: Rui Patricio. Wolves 1-1 Manchester City

It wasn’t a strong week for goalkeeping; Patricio picked up fewer than 1,000 points, when our first two GKs of the week both broke the 1,600 barrier. Making five saves, including one from a clear-cut chance, in taking a point off the champions does make you worthy of inclusion though.

Right-back: Daryl Janmaat. Watford 2-1 Crystal Palace

In a system which rewards goals, all kinds of seemingly innocuous actions can give you a boost. Janmaat passed out to Holebas on the wing. The left-back then crossed the ball, it flew past everyone and into the net, and they both end up in the team of the week. How did they actually get on, Watford fans?

Centre-back: Harry Maguire. Southampton 1-2 Leicester City

Old Slabhead was our player of the week, thanks mainly to his injury-time winning goal, but Harry Maguire also made plenty of important defensive contributions in-and-around the Leicester box too.

Centre-back: Aymeric Laporte. Wolves 1-1 Manchester City

As with the other centre-backs who feature this week, a goal gave Laporte the boost he needed to featured here. While his dashboard doesn’t look overly impressive, a click of the ‘Only important actions’ button reveals he played a lot of passes high up the pitch which gave him plenty of points too.

Centre-back: James Tarkowski. Fulham 4-2 Burnley

Should a defender whose team conceded four goals make a team of the week? Let us know. Tarkowski has made it in for the third time by hook or by crook though, so he presumably gets to take this article home with him.

Left-back: Jose Holebas. Watford 2-1 Crystal Palace

Did he mean it? Probably not, but his attempted cross went in and José Holebas picked up 1,000 points as a result. His goal may not have been intentional, but with two assists on the opening weekend, the veteran defenders has had a decent start to 2018/19.

Midfield: Jorginho. Newcastle United 1-2 Chelsea.

If you’re heavily involved in a match, chances are you may pick up a healthy score from the Twelve algorithm. As Jorginho equalled the record for most touches in a Premier League game, his place in this round up was assured.

Midfield: Dele Alli. Manchester United 0-3 Tottenham Hotspur

Is Alli’s defensive contribution underrated? Discuss and show your working. It certainly gets picked up by our algorithm anyway, as does his more renowned attacking efforts. Had he gone round David de Gea and scored, he’d have been our man of the week. Take heed for future Twelve glory, Dele.

Forward: Lucas Moura. Manchester United 0-3 Tottenham Hotspur

Is his £25 million price tag starting to look like a steal? Two goals at Old Trafford will certainly go a long way towards paying it off in the eyes of the Spurs fans.

Forward: Aleksandar Mitrovic. Fulham 4-2 Burnley.

Oh how Newcastle could’ve done with getting the best out of Mitrovic. The Serbian striker has been on fire in 2018, and added two goals to his personal tally for the year against the Clarets on Sunday.

Forward: Eden Hazard. Newcastle United 1-2 Chelsea

Hazard was relatively quiet by his own standards, in that he only completed three dribbles and created just one chance. But a dribble in the area pays dividends in these parts, and slotting a penalty away does too.

How did we do this week? Better or worse than Garth Crooks? The full leader board for the week is here, and please comment below with the players we’ve missed. Perhaps most importantly, did Harry Maguire deserve to win?